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If you’re reading this, THANK YOU for being a client and working with me as I developed my trademark practice from a solitary desk in 2010. Thanks to those of you who trusted your valuable brands with me as my practice digitalized and I evolved into a dual continent, U.S. and European trademark practice. I simply owe my professional development to you, so let me return the favor: with Kanbury.


Launched January 1, 2019, Kanbury was born out of advice that I, and many trademark attorneys, provide their clients: choose a distinctive, non-descriptive brand to solidify a unique brand upon which to build. Shedding the old “last-name, last-name, last-name” format for my firm allows me to truly stand behind the counsel I provide to your brands, as well as the brands I hope to work with in the future.


Kanbury is a new beginning for my clients and me. It’s the culmination of over a year’s worth of analyzing my business practices and using that data to implement better internal systems to deliver you a higher level of service. It’s a stepping stone for developing a cohesive team focused on tackling the newest legal problems in data privacy and security. It’s realizing that raising the caliber of my firm is the only way I get to continue working with the high-caliber clients I enjoy; clients who have other options.

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Now, down to the details: what does this mean right now? Here's what you need to:


  • Ensure you will receive emails from the domain, namely,,, and

  • In early February 2019 new payment instructions will be sent from our bookkeeper Peggy Gruenke from the email address.

  • All contracts between Cliff Kuehn / Kuehn Law will be wholly assigned to Kanbury, P.C. I, Cliff Kuehn, am the sole shareholder of the new entity.

  • A full accounting will be provided to you upon request. Any and all trust funds will be transferred to a new trust account organized for Kanbury, P.C.


Thank you once again for your friendship, your stories, humorous conversations, coffees, lunches, drinks, dinners, and business. I look forward to many more years with you and your brands.


With gratitude,


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